Saints In Pop Culture

St. Kilda Football Club website, May 9th 2014 (excerpt; full article online here):

Greg! The Stop Sign

TISM was without doubt one of the quirkiest acts to hit the Australian music scene.

A seven member group that always made public appearances in masks to hide their identity, there were persistent (and ultimately never confirmed) rumours that they were in fact a collection of teachers at a suburban Melbourne school. Regardless, the intrigue and occasional controversy surrounding the group made it an obvious bedfellow for the Saints. One of the band’s most famous songs Greg! The Stop Sign!! was accompanied by a film clip that was filmed at the club’s base at Moorabbin Oval. The opening scene of the clip features Saints players Shane Wakelin, Chris Hemley, Josh Kitchen and Justin Peckett working out in the club’s gym before panning to a band member singing in front of a sign in the locker room reminding players that “Your (sic) a professional. Keep it simple.”

Click here to view the clip.

Obviously the need to keep it simple involved getting rid of punctuation and the odd letter.

Greg! The Stop Sign!! made it to number 10 in Triple J’s hottest 100 list of 1995, beating out slightly more famous songs such as Morning Glory by Oasis, My Friends by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Last Goodbye by Jeff Buckley.

It is generally accepted in the music industry that those bands missed the top 10 due to an absence of Justin Peckett doing bicep curls in their film clips.

Summer Heights High

Summer Heights High, September 26th 2007 (original air date):

So I was watching an episode of Summer Heights High last night and noticed a familiar looking sticker stuck inside one of the school lockers.

It is at the very start of episode 4, when Mr. G is talking about his unique sense of smell, and how he uses it to sniff out (amongst other things) “graffiti pens”: