2002.01.31: The Punter’s Club, Fitzroy

Beat Magazine, Wednesday February 6th 2002:

Punters Club

The hottest ticket in town? The evening latte set were not amused with a wall of people that stretched from Punters up Bruns st blocking the unawares from coffee. The sun had hardly set and the band room was close to full, atmosphere was on high, expectation.

The Fat Thing may be the original two dollar Ballarat band but were worth their weight in expensive substance tonight. Benny Hill sax stylings took the charge from the outset with the songs Country Joe and Jesus. Part Ska and part all of the above mixed with high energy and go-off sentiment of the Uni flavour were all wrapped in garbage bags for the avante-garde. Truck was a highlight and Romance Pants saw lead singer immerse himself in the crowd for much humour. The Fat Thing might not have played many gigs in the past number of years, but tonight they were indeed a tight unit and with original sounding material of eons ago, the sentiment still carried. Kev’s Carpark gave the listener an insight to the complex social network of the Ballarat bogon and his vehicle. Vocals were delivered with intensity and conviction aided by, at times, insane stylings of over-the-top-sax-murder. Awesome performance and a perfect lead up to TISM complete with inflated parachute to take over the stage. More.

With the small stage of The Punters and all members of TISM in formation this gig was always going to be special. The set kicked off with Truck. The sound tight, energy condensed and crowd doing the sardine-can-bounce. The old material never fails to entertain and gain sing a long momentum. New songs in the form of Real TV and Xtreme (sports I haven’t tried yet) were met with much enthusiasm and good vibe from a very keen crowd. All the songs delivered tonight were highlights as was the continual stage dive via Ron who went through a few changes of head gear. Diatribe could have gone anywhere with current events and the fact this would be one of the last gigs at Punters. Sentiment was brief but well felt. He’ll Never Be An Ol Man River sets crowd alight with delight and by this stage of proceedings Ron has lost his strides as well. TISM are demolition specialists, having done the Evelyn and POW over before renovations many years ago. This time taking the dust and muck built up in the ceiling above the stage and tearing it down to be further torn apart by crowd on edge. Encore featured the ol fav’s Defecate and I’ll ‘Ave Ya, leaving all on a high amongst the torn apart insulation. The local flavour of TISM is well complemented by the localism of Punters, combined with the support of The Fat Thing, this gig will be one to remember for many years to come.



1998.08.05: Monash University, Clayton

Monash University Lot’s Wife Magazine, volume XXXIX edition 1 (excerpt)::

Most Memorable Moment at an Activities
Meeting Tim Freedman from The Whitlams.
Getting massages from the naked MUA boys
during Green Week.. Cleaning up after TISM
destroyed the roof of the Main Dining Room.

Monash University Lot’s Wife Magazine, volume XXXIX edition 6 (excerpt)::

Memories Of Green Week XI:

TISM Union Night.
Those guys went off like a frog in a sock. As TISM
stripped their clothing and demolished parts of the Union
roof, the insulation become a souvenir of the night.

Keith, Kristlna and Alex,
Activities ’99

1996.02.04: Perth Oval, Perth

MTV, February 7th 1996 (excerpt; full article online here):

Masked techno terrorists TISM, despite being one member down,
delivered the obligatory dose of silliness, mock violence and insults, all the
while having giant red phallic inflatables tied to their masked heads. You had
to see it to believe it, but then again, anything’s possible from a band who
had a national top 10 hit with the ode to River Phoenix “(He’ll Never Be An)
Ol’ Man River.”