2004.06.27: Junction Oval, St. Kilda

All photos by Adam.

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1998.08.05: Monash University, Clayton

Monash University Lot’s Wife Magazine, volume XXXIX edition 1 (excerpt)::

Most Memorable Moment at an Activities
Meeting Tim Freedman from The Whitlams.
Getting massages from the naked MUA boys
during Green Week.. Cleaning up after TISM
destroyed the roof of the Main Dining Room.

Monash University Lot’s Wife Magazine, volume XXXIX edition 6 (excerpt)::

Memories Of Green Week XI:

TISM Union Night.
Those guys went off like a frog in a sock. As TISM
stripped their clothing and demolished parts of the Union
roof, the insulation become a souvenir of the night.

Keith, Kristlna and Alex,
Activities ’99

1996.02.04: Perth Oval, Perth

MTV, February 7th 1996 (excerpt; full article online here):

Masked techno terrorists TISM, despite being one member down,
delivered the obligatory dose of silliness, mock violence and insults, all the
while having giant red phallic inflatables tied to their masked heads. You had
to see it to believe it, but then again, anything’s possible from a band who
had a national top 10 hit with the ode to River Phoenix “(He’ll Never Be An)
Ol’ Man River.”