If you have anything (anything) TISM related that you feel would be good on this page, please get in touch! I would like for this site to some day be the number one “go to” page for all things TISM.

So, send me your gig photos, ticket stubs, magazine clippings, photos of merch, basically anything that isn’t already on here!

I’m also looking in to ways to stream or make available for download full concert recordings (audio and video) so if you’ve ever recorded a TISM gig, or acquired any over the years, please please please hit me up. I can convert analogue tapes to digital and am willing to cover all postage costs involved.


Comments are open on all posts, so if you were at a gig and have a cool story to tell, please do! if the show isn’t up here yet let me know and I’ll get it sorted.



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